Metaversebuilders and 2009…

As you’ve all probably noticed, things have been a bit quiet on this blog.  Due to RL commitments I haven’t been able to regularly update although I’ve been keeping in touch with VW’s and augmented reality. This year however will be different then last as we’re embarking on a new journey with Metaversebuilders.

First of all we’ll announce some new contributors shortly to keep you up-to-date on current virtual affairs. Secondly we’ve added a new section on the blog called ‘ the Current state of Virtualworlds‘. In this category we’ll keep static pages (so yes you have up-to-date bookmarks) with aggregated information from the web. Why? cause it will probably save you some googling trying to find out, what’s the latest with 3D exports or exciting new feature implementations like Hypergrid.

Thirdly while we had planned on already releasing our business and interfacing focused OpenSim grid, we decided to postpone it’s release until we’ve tackled some issues and have completed our CMS – VW integration.

We’ll keep you (more frequently) updated!


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