Virtualworlds and Photosynth

Well saturday I was kind of bummed out and just thought I’d fiddle with Microsoft’s latest innovation called PhotoSynth. After zooming and browsing around with some sample synths I thought it would be fun to score some coolness points by creating a photosynth of the MetaverseBuilders Library.

Think again 🙂 Ok, first off I opened the manual, 9 pages…eek. Ok, simple approach same distance, same lens, just rotatie 15 degrees. Sure, doesn’t sound to complicated in a digital environment no? Anyway earlier this week I say Torley’s PhotoSynth and things started to seem a whole lot more complicated.

So after two hours fiddling around in Second Life®, by trying to create a PhotoSynth camera device, I gave up. Wouldn’t happen cause as far as I could tell there wasn’t a way to rotate the camera in an easy fashion. So blonde that I am I came up with a qad (quick and dirty) solution. I just build a chair, linked it to a button on my hud which made it rotate 15 degrees everytime and snapped away.

So monday evening I had a little over 90 pictures and finally had time to look at them and sort them out… blonde as I am… I noticed the back of my head in all of them… Yippie.

Anyway, started reshooting today, have about 45 shots already and hopefully will be able to show the end result this weekend.



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