Shadows in Second Life®

For someone who’s a tad busy, and primarely focusing on inworld experiences and (OpenSim / OGP) server developement, I came across some backtracked pages I bookmarked about the LindenLab Viewer.

So what’s so special about blogging about something that’s ‘old news’ ? Well if you’re anything like me, you can’t keep up with everything, so this might have slipped you as well… real shadows in Second Life®.

They’re not prim based, they’re not some trick… it’s possible!

Pretty neat right? So for me, personally, I’d say add this to the mainviewer along with real water and stop progressing the graphical features for a while. They’re good, pretty damn good!

So how do you get this yourself?

  • Download the experimental viewer here directly from Kirstenlee Cinquetti‘s website.
  • Start the client and press CTRL-ALT-D to access the Advanced menu.
  • Click on debug settings.
  • In the new pop-up type RenderUseFBO and set it to True.
  • and then type RenderDeferred and set it to True.
  • Set your graphics settings under Edit >> Preferences to Ultra and give it a few seconds.


Good luck and have fun!.


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