Deizha, a true immersive experience ?

I know alot of people who blog about Second Life® also blog about clubs and everything. I usually don’t, but I’d like to make an exception for once.

Ok, actually this post will be twofold. This first will be about a club called Deizha. Deizha’s a full virtual club with reallife music behind it. The second one is the Koola, a virtual representation of a reallife club. We’ll take a look at their differences, their strong points and their unique experience while they’re trying to entice their audience.

Lets first take a look at house music inside of SL™, it’s rockin! The 5 biggest clubs (Anjunja, Deizha, Koola, Sleek and Truehouse Cafe) are all competing over the audience and all have a fast amount of followers. While some hop clubs to come to listen to specific DJ’s, others remain true to their favorite places. Ofcourse a Second Life® club isn’t as big as any reallife clubbing experience, the numbers aren’t as big as one would expect in reallife, but considering  SL™ limitations they are impressive.


Deizha beach bar is the unofficial home of HedKandi and Stereo Sushi, two world known names for house music lovers. They offer a virtual beach bar experience with a gorgeous pool, lounge area’s and an open spaced environment.

The club’s been build by two of its owners, Devee Voom and Jolinja Mills. He being the man with the plan and she added her unique fine taste to bring us a truly beautiful experience. Deizha’s biggest strongpoints how ever are saturdays and sundays when their two (rl) master DJ’s perform live on what’s called ‘Deck-a-licious’ saturdays with Devee spinning HedKandi flavored tracks and ‘Stereo-sushi Sundaze’ with Serdan Mendes.

There probably isn’t a more versatile and popular DJ couple in SL then these two. While Devee has no trouble putting his 15years of vinyl spinning at work to bring the audience sometimes soulfull and sometimes elektro sets, Serdan combines his latin love with vocal house and his deep sexy voice to get the crowd going.

So what makes this club so special? They’ve realized the most important thing… House music is a feeling. Nothing compares to a real night out clubbing, but sometimes the good vibes, friendly and enthused people and the comfort and privacy of home just can’t be beaten. And if you ever get to experience one of their special parties, like stereo sushi’s pre-launch party a week ago, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the Koola klub and try to go in a little deeper into their virtual experiences.


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