Interoperability between SL and OpenSimulator

Well they’ve done it! We can teleport from within SecondLife® onto an OpenSim region. Is this a huge step? Yes and No, so let’s take a look at the details.

First of all, it is a major step forward. LindenLab has unlocked the door to it’s grid. It’s not open yet, but the bolts are off. Under the ‘Open Grid Public Beta’ program everyone’s invited to join and help improve this new and exciting developement program.  Is it practical yet? No unfortunately they’re not that far already. At the moment an avatar (called ‘gridnaut’) can teleport from the SecondLife® Preview Grid into a patched standalone OpenSim server.

The biggest thing this program brings us today, is the clear sign that LindenLab is actively reshaping it’s backoffice infrastructure to accomodate to the user demands and become, perhaps one of the most important, virtual service providers. If they succeed to seperate the actual grid from their backbone services and provide these trusted and secure services to independent grid operators they’ve most likely succeeded their ‘media foretold’ demise.

Anyway, let’s get back to business.
First, whatever you do, DON’T try to patch your gridmode OpenSim installation, nor use MS SQL as a dataprovider. These options won’t work (yet) so unless you’re happy to throw away your current grid or spent a few hours trying to get things running again, please don’t do it.

Easiest way to be able to teleport from SL™ into your own OpenSim installation is to download a pre-patched local installation. The current pre-patched installation is from revision 5767 and can be downloaded here. After that you’ll have to join the Gridnauts group in SecondLife®. Easiest way to do that is just follow the steps on the Wiki.

One tiny tip: After having joined the Gridnauts group on the Main Grid, log in on the Preview Grid with the normal viewer to join the gridnauts group there as well.

It works! I’ve managed to TP from SecondLife onto the empty OGP patched OpenSim. This weekend we’ll be transfering our grid and will have a seperate OGP installation next to it.

So for now you’re on your own exploring cyberspace…


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