Popularity of virtualworlds

Two dutch sites, Marketingfacts and Adfoblog, published an article last week about Youniversal branding. Burried inside the articles was a nice little overview on members per ‘Youniverse’ and their popularity:

Habbo Hotel: 50 million members
Neopets: 70 million+ virtual pet owners
Coke Studios: 8+ million registered users
Virtual Magic Kingdom: 1+ million registered users
Goonzu: (Korea): 3 million members
Guild Wars: 2 million members
Project Entropia: 400,000 members
Ragnarok Online: 17 million members
Second Life: 290,000 members
World of Warcraft: 5.5 million members

and semi-Youniverses like
MySpace: 68 million members
MSN Spaces: 30+ million members
Cyworld: 17 million members in Korea (= 33% of population).
Lunarstorm: 1.2+ million members in Sweden (= 10% of population)
Hyves: 1.6 million members in NL (=10% of population);
MSN Messenger: 100+ million users
Yahoo! Messenger: 63+ million users
QQ Messenger: 150+ million users in China
AOL Messenger: 43 million users in the USA


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